Corsi Windows 10 IoT LTSC torino italia

Participate to our Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2019 Courses!

Also this year, BEPS offers its renowned courses on IoT, a tradition that lasts from more than ten years.

This year’s focus is on the newly released Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC-2019. This new operating system implements new possibilities for all those people operating in the embedded and IoT device sectors, so updating on the technology and tools available for this platform becomes a must.

The course will teach you the novelties of this new release of Windows 10 and will make you become familiar with it and with the tools necessary to build the O.S. Image. We will teach you how to perform Lockdown, Branding, promote an application as “System Shell” and customize the system, which are the deploy procedures and which methods can be used to update and maintain the O.S. in field.

It is intended for the system integrators within OEM organizations who are responsible for building and configuring the Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system for different devices.

Various studies acknowledge that practical exercise increase retention of the studied topics. For this reason, our lessons will not be only theoretical, but will alternate both theory and practice: every concept will be explained by a qualified MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) and then consolidated by direct exercise in the lab. This will make sure that every student will come out with the best preparation possible.

computer lab windows 10 ltsc course

As you can see, it is a complete offering that will make you become an expert in all the most important aspects of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC.

The course comes in two different offerings:

  • A two day course (FULL). Composed by a first day that provides the basics on the installation of work tools and on the fundamental concepts of the environment and a second day offering a deepening of the key topics with specific laboratories.
  • A one day course (SMART). It serves to meet the participants’ need to obtain as much information as possible on the topic as quickly as possible.

The first FULL edition of this course will be held on May, 30-31st 2019. While the SMART one will be held on June, 26th 2019. The courses will be held in Italian in our venue in Via Spalato, 68 Turin, Italy.

The price for the courses is € 600,00/day, but if you preorder before May, 17th you may get an early bird discount and pay only € 500,00/day!

Hurry up, contact us to ask more information or to directly take your ticket to become a Windows 10 IoT LTSC expert now!

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