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Beps and AGSoft announce ASRA, an advanced solution for logistics

Today at SITL in Paris, Beps announced a new important product: ASRA, an advanced solution for logistics developed together with AGSoft.

AGSoft is one of the longest-running Italian companies in the field of logistics and industrial automation. Founded in 1993, it has been providing solutions in the field of industrial automation of all kinds for more than 30 years, from real-time control systems, to interface systems with Warehouse Manager Systems (WMS), not to mention firmware for microcontroller-based embedded systems. AGSoft boasts major brands such as Amazon, Siemens, Datalogic, and FedEx among its customers.

This Italian excellence has chosen Beps as its partner for the realization of an innovative solution for logistics, called ASRA. ASRA is the result of the combination of the expertise of Beps and AGSoft in the fields of automation and IoT to create a modular and customizable product that meets all the needs related to the management and maintenance of a sorting plant.

ASRA provides basically all the functionality of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software, but in addition, it adds the features of plant availability reporting and production reporting. This is a list of its main features:

  • SCADA: Plant layout, emergency, alerts, alarms, rejection reasons, real-time statistics

asra scada agsoft logistics screenshot

  • Plant availability: Overall amalgamation, downtime, sorters, feeders

logistics sorting plant availability report

  • Production reports: Efficiency rate, scrap details, system productivity

logistics sorting plant production report

You can find all the information you need about ASRA, including the complete list of its features and a rich set of screenshots, on its official page on the Beps website: .

ASRA is a product that opens a new chapter in the history of Beps. Antonella Grillo, CEO of Beps says, “ASRA is the crowning achievement of the many years that Beps has been successfully operating in the logistics field, ensuring the operation of some of the most important parcel sorting facilities in Italy. We are very proud of the product we have created together with another Italian excellence such as AGSoft and we are sure that it will represent one of the most important products used in the field of Italian and even European logistics.”

The setting of SITL in Paris is the icing on the cake for this important announcement. If you are attending this important event, remember that you can speak directly with Beps representatives at the CEIP booth (booth M044) at the show on March 19-21, 2024. If you are not at SITL, please contact us by e-mail or phone to ask for more information about ASRA so that we can figure out how to work together.

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