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ASRA, the ultimate solution for sorting plant systems

ASRA is the ultimate solution for the management and maintenance of sorting plant systems. It stems from the partnership between Beps and AGSoft.

Beps has more than 10 years of experience in building IoT systems and has contributed to the software management of some of the most important parcel management plants in Italy. AGSoft has been working in the industrial automation sector for more than 30 years and can count as its customers very important brands like FedEx, Amazon, and Siemens. These two companies decided to join forces and their expertise to create the ultimate product for the management of sorting plant systems: ASRA.

ASRA is a modular and customizable software platform that offers a complete solution to all management and maintenance needs of a Sorting Plant System. Its modularity is one of the features that make ASRA shine the most because it makes it possible to customize the final product according to the specific needs of the customer.

By interfacing with the Sorting Plant, ASRA collects and stores all the field data to be able to present any kind of report the user needs by providing real-time statistical information on all elements of the plant. In particular, it is able to offer:

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
  • Plant Availability
  • Production Reports.

Let’s see these features in detail.


The SCADA feature offers:

  • A customizable Plant Layout to present, in real-time, graphic feedback of the status of every single item of the plant: Emergency, Warnings, Alarms
  • The connection status with the other software layers of the system
  • A graphic presentation of the “live production”: sorting counter, in-feeder counter, out-feeder counter, efficient rate, global production trend
  • A pie chart for the reject reasons in real-time
  • A complete parcel tracking for any type of statistic valuation in real-time.

You can see all these features in action in the gallery here below:


From the SCADA interface, the user has a wide choice of reports on Plant Availability and Production he can request.

Plant availability

The Plant Availability feature offers a report collection that includes information regarding:

  • The Overall Merging chart
  • The Downtime distribution chart
  • A collection of Sorters’ status
  • The In-feeders and the chutes jam downtime distribution.

Here you can see some examples of these reports:

Production reports

The Production Reports feature offers a report collection that includes information regarding:

  • The Efficiency Rate
  • The Reject details
  • The global System Throughput.

Some screenshots of these reports are available here below for your evaluation:

Discover ASRA

As you have seen in the previous sections, ASRA is the product that can improve the efficiency of the management of your sorting plant system. Contact Beps now to discover more about it and evaluate its use inside your logistics company. Beps’ professionals are able to listen to your requirements and customize the system to fit perfectly your needs.