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New course on Windows®10 IoT Enterprise LTSC – 2021

Are you looking for a highly professional course on Windows® 10 IoT? Beps has just the thing for you.

Beps Engineering‘s decades-long offering of in-person courses on IoT technologies resumes this year after a brief hiatus. We are very pleased to be able to offer you again our highly professionalized courses and especially to meet you again in the lab, where we can follow you in your technological learning.

The first session of courses in 2023 will be on “Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC – 2021.” In this new version LTSC-2021 (the latest on Windows®10), Microsoft has included some significant improvements:

  • Switching from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer Mode
  • Kiosk-mode: Custom shell, Single App Kiosk, Multi App Kiosk
  • Dual Application Focus: 1 PC, 2 monitors, 2 simultaneous inputs
  • Soft Real-time for systems that need “soft-real-time”
  • Image size optimization
  • UWF: Swapfile, Read-only-Media Mode, Full Volume Commit (as EWF was on WES7)
  • Etc…

It is important to know these improvements in order to do your work optimally and be able to take advantage of new opportunities. This knowledge can be acquired in the traditional way, using institutional websites, but this would require a significant investment of time (and therefore money), not to mention the effort in understanding the concepts involved yourself. That is why we at Beps offer a course that is able to make you learn this information quickly and effectively, thanks to Microsoft-certified trainers (MCTs) who will explain the theoretical concepts, run you through practical exercises, and resolve any doubts you may have.

This course is organized over two days to provide you with all the information and notions you need, from acquiring and installing the tools, to creating the working environment; from generating and cloning the system build, to delving into the most popular topics for which we have prepared targeted workshops:

  • Adding system elements directly into the image or at run-time;
  • Adding device drivers of peripheral mounted on the motherboard or on other boards;
  • Languages in addition to that of the main build;
  • FOD (Feature on demand) and other packages not present in the standard build;
  • Proprietary applications with autonomous installation kits.
  • Keyboard filter management at build-time and/or at run-time level;
  • Replacement of the shell with another application differentiated by user;
  • Configuration and use of the disk write filter (UWF): overlay sizing and control, file and registry branch exclusions, HORM, Commit, ROM-Mode, etc.;
  • Embedded features: how and when to use them;
  • Windows updates: how to manage them in the field;
  • The issue of licenses and activations (CLA, ePKEA, PKEA, etc..);
  • System configuration tuning: the most useful policies, Sysprep, DISM and other tools.

This highly professionalizing course is offered at the modest fee of €600/day, and if you register in advance (by contacting us), you will also get a generous early bird discount of €100/day. Lunch is graciously provided by us as a thank you for your trust in us.

The courses will be held at our operational headquarters in Turin, Italy (Via Spalato, 68) on March 30-31, 2023, from 9 am to 6 pm.

Hurry to request more information by writing to us of Beps before the seats sell out. See you at our courses, we look forward to help you learn IoT technologies.

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