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Join us at Global Azure Bootcamp

Beps Engineering is very pleased to invite you to the 6th edition of Global Azure Bootcamp.

Global Azure Bootcamp is an event that makes all Azure world groups and communities meet together to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing. It is always a great opportunity to exchange opinions, meet new people and discover the latest news for what concerns Microsoft Azure, one of the most important Cloud solutions on the market. It is also possible to gather online using the #GlobalAzure hashtag on social media. You can find more info on this very important initiative at this link.

The event will take place on April, 27th 2019. It will be distributed around the world (a bit like an IoT cloud infrastructure 😀 ) and we will participate in the local venue in Turin, Italy. Here the event will be organized by Welol (a company that works on cloud solutions since 2010 and is Microsoft Gold Partner) and hosted by Fondazione ITS ITC.

Like every year, Global Azure Bootcamp will host very important and talented speakers that will spread the knowledge about cloud computing. We of Beps Engineering are very proud to announce that our CEO Beppe Platania will be among them.

Beppe Platania Azure Bootcamp speaker

At 15:30 on April, 27th, Beppe Platania will hold a talk with the title ”Azure Sphere: facile da usare, disegnata per essere sicura!” (Azure Sphere: easy to be used, designed to be safe). This will be a short presentation of Azure Sphere, Microsoft’s solution to make IoT secure. Beppe will detail the three parts that compose the Azure Sphere framework (MCU, Operating System, Security Service) and will explain how they work together to offer a solution that offers full cybersecurity. After that, he will also give insights on how to develop and debug Azure Sphere solutions using Visual Studio.

In a technological moment where data is the new gold and hackers work relentlessly to mine them, being informed on how to make the cloud solutions secure is something that is of paramount importance and we are sure that Beppe’s talk will help more people in handling their data in a safer way.

azure sphere iot cloud secure

If you want to listen to this and the other very interesting talks, join us at Global Azure Bootcamp! The appointment is in Fondazione ITS ITC -Via Jacopo Durandi, 13 – Turin, Italy. The event begins at 8.30 and will end at 17.30 (with Beppe Platania speaking at 15.30). It is completely free, but you have to register at this link.

After the event, if you want to chat about cloud computing, embedded and IoT while you sip a tasty beer, we will be very happy to meet you at the networking aperitif at 17.45.

See you on Saturday!

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