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Beps awarded at Polo ICT’s 10th birthday!

On December, 10th 2019, Beps has taken part in the 10th birthday party of Polo ICT that was held at the Automobile Museum of Turin, and on that occasion, it has been awarded as one of the companies operating inside the Polo since the most time.

Polo ICT is a regional institution of Piedmont (Italy) whose work is supporting local companies, from the micro-society to the big multinational. When a company enters the Polo, it gets access to a big suite of services that can accelerate its development, like for instance:

  • Support to the participation to national and European calls (like H2020 and Horizon Europe);
  • Participation in various dedicated networking events, where it is possible to pitch its own services and get to know other companies with which develop synergies;
  • Support in finding talents that can become part of the company personnel;
  • Connection with local administrations, so that politics can work to create a better ecosystem for the growth of many successful businesses.

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Polo ICT is an institution that is not only esteemed and appreciated in Piedmont but in all Italy. Last week it has celebrated its 10 years of activity with a big event to which all the most important member companies have taken part. Chiara Ferroni, Cluster Manager of Torino Wireless and Responsible of the Polo di Innovazione ICT, has so presented the goals reached by Polo in these years:

In these first 10 years, Polo di Innovazione Tecnologica ICT has involved more than 650 companies, it has obtained funding for 172 high-tech projects, and has attracted in the local territory more than 58 million euros of investments and 70% of members has obtained funding for projects that involved them

During this event to celebrate the 10 years of such an important association, Beps has been called on stage together with other 20 companies to be awarded as one of the companies successfully operating inside Polo ICT for the longest time. Our CEO Beppe Platania has received an award that has certified that Beps Engineering is in the market for more than 10 years and during all this time it has always worked to “create a community” with all other companies in Piedmont so that to every one could help each other. Furthermore, Beps has always proposed itself as an innovating entity, always following the evolution of the technology market and working on cutting-edge technologies like cloud, machine learning, and augmented and virtual reality.

We of Beps Engineering are very proud of this award and we kindly thank Polo ICT for the prize it has given us. We will for sure keep working with them for the next 10 years to promote the innovation in Piedmont and to help the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is healthy and successful. And besides wishing Polo ICT a wonderful future for the next years, we want also wish you all Happy Holidays. Also this year we want to help people that won’t celebrate this Christmas and for this reason, we have decided to support again Fondazione Paideia (Paideia Foundation), which helps the kids of families with troubles. We hope that this could help many of them into being happier.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all and your families. We wish you joy and peace, and that 2020 can be a year full of satisfaction!

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