Course Windows® CE 6.0 R3

Corso windows 10 IoT Embedded

Instructor-led Course (max 20 participants)

Level: 300
Duration: 3 Days
Facility: Microsoft Innovation Center Torino “Training Lab”



This course is the second part of the official Microsoft "Building Solutions with Windows® Embedded CE". The course is designed with alternating pieces of theoretical and practical workshops to enable participants to consolidate with a direct exercise of the theoretical concepts gradually acquired. This course will enable the participants to become familiar with the operating system and with the tools necessary to build the O.S. image: Platform Builder, Visual Studio, Etc...
In this second part, we will enter in the details of topics such as: system design architecture, memory organization, drivers, interrupts and more…


This course is intended for the system integrators within OEM organizations who are responsible for building and configuring the Windows® Embedded CE operating system for different devices.


Each of the three days will have the following format:

09.00 Welcome coffee

09.30 Theoretical and laboratory modules;

11.00 Theoretical and laboratory modules;

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Theoretical and laboratory modules;

15.15 Break

15.45 Theoretical and laboratory modules;

17.00 Questions & Answers


  • Operating System Internals
  • Operating System Components
  • The Build System
  • The Board Support Package
  • Device Driver Concepts
  • Customizing the OS Design
  • Application Development
  • Testing & Verification
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded

Appendix: Licensing and Developer Resources


This course requires that students meet the following prerequisites:

  • To have attended the course: Building Embedded Solutions using Windows® CE-First day

Course goals

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use all the Windows® Embedded CE tools;
  • Describe the Windows® Embedded CE BSP (Board Support Package): how to create, how to modify;
  • Describe the Windows® Embedded CE internal architecture: system organization, memory, process, etc…
  • Describe the Windows® Embedded CE device driver structure: how to create, how to modify and debug.

Microsoft Certification exams

This course is a good “starting point” to prepare the Technical Specialist Official Exams:

Exam 70-571: TS: Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Development

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