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Training Corsi IoT embedded

Thanks to a decennial experience in organizing courses, Beps is able to offer high-quality training sessions about Microsoft technologies dedicated to embedded systems and IoT. These courses enable people to learn the usage of these technologies in a fast and effective way, thanks to the right mix of theoretical lessons and practical laboratories.

Courses are held by qualified trainers, which have a long experience on the technologies that they explain.

Beps offers a great variety of courses that can adapt completely to the requirements of the customers, regarding both the duration of the course and the topic (sessions range from old technologies to the most recent operating system, i.e. Windows 10).

Our complete courses offering

corso course windows 10 IoT core

Windows 10 IoT Core

Jump on the train of the latest Microsoft IoT operating system dedicated to makers

corso course windows 10 IoT enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Jump on the train of the latest Microsoft IoT industry operating system

corso course windows 10 IoT realtime

Windows 10 IoT Realtime

Learn how to make Windows 10 operating system realtime in a fast and simple way

corso course windows embedded industry 8.1

Windows Embedded Industry 8.1

Immerse yourself into the operating system that has changed the embedded panorama

corso course windows embedded standard 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Learn all the features, the usage and the secrets of Windows XP successor

corso course windows embedded standard 2009

Windows Embedded Standard 2009

Become confident with the embedded operating system that has continued the path of XP

Corso training Windows embedded compact 7 2013

Windows Embedded Compact 7/2013 (WEC)

Attend an advanced course on WEC, Windows Embedded CE's heir

Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Windows Embedded CE

Learn the secrets of the only Hard-Real-Time operating system made by Microsoft