Course Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise (Full)

Corso windows 10 IoT Embedded

Instructor-led Course (max 10 participants)

Level: 300/400
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Full course (Base + Advanced)
Facility: BEPS Engineering “Training Lab”


This course is a summary of the official Microsoft "Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise". The course is designed with alternating pieces of theoretical and practical workshops to enable participants to consolidate with a direct exercise of the theoretical concepts gradually acquired. The course will enable the participants to become familiar with the operating system and with the tools necessary to build the O.S. image. They will learn which are the typical functions of the embedded world: Lockdown, Branding, promoting an application as “System Shell” and customizing the system, what are the deploy procedures and which methods can be used to update and maintain the O.S. in field.


This course is intended for the system integrators within OEM organizations who are responsible for building and configuring the Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system for different devices.

Agenda (Base course)

09.00 Welcome and course presentation

09.30 Windows Embedded/IoT – General Introduction

10.30 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise features

11.00 Coffee Break

11.15 The Embedded features (introduction)

12.00 Lab: Build an image from DVD/ISO

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Lab: Tools Installation

14:30 Lab: WSIM and image updating

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Sysprep and Image cloning

16.00 Lab: Image capturing and applying

16:45 Embedded Features

17.30 Image updating and maintenance

17.45 Questions and answers

Agenda (Advanced course)

09.00 Welcome and recap of “base course”

09.45 The Distribution Share: Driver, Languages, FOD& Packages, $OEM$

10.15 Lab: Disk Filter UWF (WSIM)

11.00 Coffee Break

11.15 Lab: Keyboard Filter (WSIM)

12.00 Lab: Shell Launcher (WSIM)

12.30 Let’s build a new Image (WSIM)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Lab: Embedded Features (Run-Time)

14:45 Lab: Add a Language (Run-Time)

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Lab: Advanced feature: UWF, HORM, daylight savings time, Paging, Events

16:45 Updating and maintenance in field

17.00 Lab: updating and maintenance

17.45 Questions and answers

Base + Advanced

This course is designed to meet the needs of the participants to obtain as quickly as possible the most relevant information.

To achieve this, participants’ collaboration is required:

  • Each participant has to bring with himself a Windows 10 PC with a set of tools installed.

When the course will be activated, we will send an email to each registered participant with detailed instructions of what to install and where to find the needed tools.


This course requires that students meet the following prerequisites:

  • Proficiency using the Windows Interface.
  • Proficiency knowledge of VirtualBox.

Course goals

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Use Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise tools: Win-PE, ADK, WSIM, DISM, etc.…
  • Describe the deployment process of an operating system image.
  • Describe the Embedded Features of Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise: Lockdown, Shell customization, etc…

Microsoft Certification exams

This course is the best starting point to prepare the Technical Specialist Official Exams. At the moment, there is not any exam on this topic.

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