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Windows 10 IoT Course: a heart-warmed thank you

On February, 7th at Microsoft Innovation Center in Turin we held our course on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB, where we taught to our students all what they needed to know about this operating system in only one day.

We were already pleased to discover that reservation went sold out in just few days, but yesterday we had our greatest satisfaction in seeing the interest and passion for this technology in the eyes of our students during the lessons. Our qualified teacher Beppe Platania worked from early in the morning until late afternoon to teach the various IoT topics and to answer all the questions of the alumni. The course has really stimulated many questions and this is an indicator that it has aroused interest in our students. At the end of the day, we were very tired but also very satisfied.

As always, we haven’t been only the teachers of the course, but we have also learned a lot from our students. We think that the teaching process is always a two-ways one. Yesterday, for instance, we’ve learned that there is a lot of confusion among the various licenses of the Windows 10 IoT: for this reason we intend to explain this better in the future, both in the lessons and here on our blog.

We really want to thank anyone that has attended the course for the wonderful experience we had: we really come out enriched from exchanging our knowledge with you and we hope that you too come out satisfied from our training session. For those who didn’t succeed to register on time, don’t worry, we’ll open the subscription for the next appointment soon. If you’re interested, contact us via e-mail.

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